Shobhnath Temple (Mahet)
                      Located in the back of the river Archiravati (Rapti), the city of shravasti had a high earthen rampart with a brick wall running along a circuit of 5.23 km and pierced by several gates distinguished by high bastions. Four main gates are known as lmli Darwaza, Rajgarh Darwaza , Naushahra Darwaza & kand bhari Darwaza situated respectively at the south-west, north-west, north-east and south-east corners. The remains within the city area include Buddhist, Brahmanical and jaina structures and a few medieval tombs. The most significant structures among them are Temple of Shobhnath, Pakki Kuti and kachchi kuti. Temple of shobhnath locaed just near the entrence from western side, represents the remains of a jaina temple, the domed edifice on the top being a superimposition in medieval period. The spot is hallowed as the birth-place of sambhavnath the third Jaina Tirthankara. Excavation in the nearby area has exposed remains of three temple complexes. The scientific clearance of the place has yielded a few scuptures of Jaina trithankaras in standing and seated posture datable to 10th11th century besides exposing the lower portions of the Jaina Temple.